School will experience a structured sports education and fundamentals which enables children to improve their skills individually and as a team. Schools will experience new revenue streams and better competition outcomes. Special Coaching program will be organized for identified students after school hours without affecting their academics.


Comprehensive Sports Education program by leveraging best practices in sports Education from the most experienced Physical education trainers across India.

Extensive research based Physical Education and Sports coaching program enable school children to adopt sporting skills from an early age.


Our programs are designed by our company PE trainers and experts to deliver a structured physical education curriculum and integrated Sports Education.


School Program covers all age group staring from KG 1 to Grade 12. Physical Education curriculum with Integrated coaching program is developed by “Elite Sports Education”

Elite sports education is a sports organization which aims to educate the students about sports and its importance which enables them to keep fit and energetic throughout their life.

G Sundaramoorthy M.Com., B.P.Ed.,

Chief Executive Officer

  • 12 plus Years of Experience as physical education teacher and coach in reputed schools and corporate’s respectively.
  • Attended AFC B License Coaching Course conducted by All India Football Federation (AIFF), Organized by kerala Football Association @ Trivandrum during [20th Nov 2015 – 10th Dec 2015]
  • Asian Football Confederation [AFC] “C” Certified Coach
  • Represented Tamilnadu Youth National Football Team
  • Represented Tamilnadu Junior National Football Team
  • Represented and lead Tamilnadu Sub-Juniour National Football Team
  • Represented Annamalai University Football Team
  • Represented Madurai Kamarajar University Football Team
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